Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions About TV Attribution

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What is TV Attribution?

TV Attribution is like giving credit to your offline advertising efforts based on user data. It aims to find a way to measure the value of television ads and calculate how much return you’re getting on your investment. Similar to online marketing, customers often use a “cost-per-visitor” analysis to judge how well their campaigns are doing. The goal then becomes lowering this cost for users who act similarly once they visit your website.

Do you measure offline sales?

Quality Analytics TV Attribution system tracks data from Google Analytics, including things that happen inside apps and special features like “Enhanced Ecommerce” transactions. To get the most complete picture of how your campaigns are doing, we highly recommend that media buyers send us logs after each time their TV or radio ad airs, including short and long ads, broadcasts on TV and radio, and even satellite broadcasts.

Can I combine logs from a partner TV advertising agency?

Absolutely! We highly recommend that media buyers send us logs after each time their TV or radio ad airs, to get the most complete picture of their performance. This includes short and long ads, broadcasts on TV and radio, and even satellite broadcasts.

What are the long tail or “drag” effects of media?

Our data proves that the majority of a broadcast’s impact occurs within seconds and minutes of its airing. In terms of campaign optimization, it is not necessary to consider the longer-term drag effect of media as all types are impacted relatively similarly; even an extra 5% lifts over 7 days does not change our recommendations.

Do you use “windows of time” to assign media credit?

At Quality Analytics, we don’t use fixed “time windows” of time. We also don’t base performance on spending alone. This lets us deliver truly data-driven results, often uncovering hidden opportunities for growth and success. This approach keeps our TV Attribution accurate from start to finish.

How does your technology work to measure television campaigns?

Quality Analytics TV Attribution measures Google Analytics data at the minute, geography, marketing channel and device type level. We use this data to create a sophisticated forecast of “what should have happened”. When we observe statistical variations above this forecast, that becomes the universe of potential KPIs that we can assign to individual TV or Radio ads.

Are there any restrictions or limitations regarding the types of media which can be tracked for TV attribution purposes?

Right now, QA TV Attribution doesn’t measure Connected TV (CTV) or radio podcasts. These are considered digital marketing channels best tracked by Google Analytics.

What metrics are available for analyzing and measuring effectiveness of individual broadcasts, networks, programs, timeslots etc.?

By default our TV and Radio Attribution software measures Google Analytics Sessions, New Users and 1 free floating KPI of your choice. This free KPI is most commonly Google Analytics Ecommerce transactions. Often the KPI is a Google Analytics Goal which can represent a lead in the sales funnel.

Does your system support regional/local markets as well as national ones?

Quality Analytics is proud to offer Local TV attribution and Local Radio Attribution services. Specifically, we download data for every geography and analyze the impact of TV ads only within that specific geography.

How often would we receive reports from you on our data performance? 

Reporting is available on demand. Google Analytics data is available for TV attribution everyday at 5am PST (USA).

Do you offer training to help us understand the insights behind the data?

Yes, we provide free training on using our TV attribution software and basic data analysis to help you understand the insights behind the data.

Can you provide examples of success stories where clients have achieved significant ROI through working with this vendor’s solution(s)?

Absolutely! We have case studies available upon request, subject to availability.

Is there a specific cost associated with using this service or are rates determined by campaign size/level of complexity?

Quality Analytics offers flat-rate pricing for media spend up to $500,000. We have three main products: TV attribution software, a service for working with your Excel logs, and a custom option for specific needs.

Are there any additional services included in the price such as custom reporting or other consulting services?

For both new and existing customers, we’re happy to assist with basic Google Analytics tagging setup.

Is the data tracked for TV attribution provided in real-time or at regular intervals?

Google Analytics data for TV attribution is available at 5am PST (USA) everyday.

Do you offer any customization to meet specific client’s needs? 

Almost every TV attribution setup is custom in some way or another. During onboarding we will accommodate for any custom scenarios (i.e. errors in tagging, special marketing channels).

What kind of customer support do you provide? 

We offer standard customer service hours Monday through Friday 8am – 7pm EST. Please contact your customer service representative at any time.

Are there any additional fees associated with using the service (e.g., set up fees, maintenance fees, etc.)?  

There is a one time setup fee depending on the size of your account.

Are there limits on how much data can be stored or analyzed at a given time?

There is no limit on the amount of data that we can store or analyze. For instance, we can process anywhere from a week’s worth of ads (which can range from 50 to 50,000 ads). However, it is important to note that processing a larger amount of data will take longer. As an example, processing an entire year of ads may take up to a full day.

Do you have an API available so we can integrate our own systems with yours for further analysis?

We do have a TV attribution API, but we recommend waiting 3-6 months before using it. During the initial months, customers often have questions about formatting timestamps, time zones, and DMA names. To avoid making things more complex, we suggest getting comfortable with the interface first before diving into the API.

Does your platform enable us to drill down into granular segments such as age groups , gender, demographics, interests etc.?

No, Quality Analytics TV attribution doesn’t use, estimate, or report on demographic data. Our focus is attributing web activity to your ads, regardless of who saw them.

What measures have been taken to ensure accuracy and validity of the collected data?

QA TV attribution stands out by being one of the few companies worldwide to offer visual proof of accuracy for every ad. This means you can see evidence supporting the data we provide.

While QA TV attribution doesn’t offer media planning services, we’re happy to work with you to review campaign performance during your training.

What formats are available for reporting purposes (csv files, tables, graphs)?

We offer the most granular level of TV attribution data: per individual ad spot. You can also access reports grouped by various categories such as station, creative, day, hour, daypart, week, month, and DMA (Designated Market Area).

To what extent do external factors affect measurement & analysis of TV performance i.e. competing spending levels within same timeslots etc.?

We consider external factors like digital marketing. These channels spread evenly over time, making TV and Radio ads statistically significant at both minute and geography levels. Additionally, other TV and Radio ads impact assessment; thus, we request all media in the uploaded files for precision.

What type of expertise is required from our end for successful implementation e.g. technical/analytical/creative capabilities incumbent upon us?

You don’t need any special technical, analytical, or creative skills to use QA TV Attribution. We’ve designed it to be user-friendly.

Is it possible that clients gain access directly into the system in order for them to monitor their own campaigns in detail rather than relying on generated reports from vendor only?

Yes, absolutely. You can choose to share your login credentials with your client or media buying agency so they can monitor their campaigns in detail, instead of relying solely on reports from us.

How quickly can we get started if we decide that this solution suits best our requirements?

The fastest TV attribution onboarding on record is same day. The things we need to get started are 1) read-only Google Analytics access and a post logs in Excel or CSV.

Is API access extra?

We include API access with our service, at no additional cost.

What is the minimum level of traffic/conversions/ad spend needed before investment in Quality Analytics makes sense?

Quality Analytics TV Attribution doesn’t require a minimum amount of website traffic, ad conversions, or ad spending to get started. In fact, many customers start by measuring their return on investment (ROI) from TV or radio ads with the minimum spend required by their media buyer. Once they see positive results and gain confidence, they can freely increase their spending.

What if I am planning on leveraging a brand-new medium in the future? Will measuring additional channels cost me more?

We encourage advertisers to track all their media channels on our platform. Adding radio to your TV campaign or vice versa won’t cost you extra. We only need to know in advance if you plan to run local radio or TV ads in new markets.

Does it matter how many users I intend to provide access to my Quality Analytics account?

We don’t charge based on the number of users accessing your Quality Analytics account.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts for yearly pre-payments and other options based on your specific needs and the volume of your campaigns.

What is your experience and track record with TV attribution?

We have over 17 years of experience in measuring marketing efforts across different channels, and roughly 14 years specifically focused on TV and radio attribution.

Regarding Radio Attribution, it involves the data science process whereby usage data is assigned to offline media schedules. Consequently, this allows for the calculation of a metric that reflects the benefit of radio and enables the generation of a return on investment. As people tend to behave similarly once on your website, the aim is to decrease cost-per-benefit. Similarly to digital marketing, most clients measure their campaigns in terms of cost-per-visitor or cost-per-transaction.

Common Questions About Radio Attribution

How is Radio Attribution different from TV Attribution?

Radio and TV ads both reach audiences through satellites, but TV goes further by using cable and streaming services like YouTube TV. Even though they use different channels, both rely on the same source of data for results: Google Analytics. In terms of performance, radio campaigns tend to grow steadily over time, while TV campaigns usually have a big initial jump followed by a slow decline. Despite these differences, both radio and TV ads deliver most of their impact within seconds or minutes of airing, which makes it possible to track their effectiveness.

Are the post log requirements the same?

Yes. Both TV and Radio Attribution require the same post log data: time zone, timestamp, and market information.

Is Radio Attribution harder to measure than TV attribution?

Measuring both radio and TV attribution has its challenges. Radio, however, is trickier because it’s mostly local, making it harder to track results.

Common Questions About Google Analytics and Digital Marketing

What is the difference between Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager?

Google Analytics acts as the central point, bringing together the Google advertising world, other traffic sources, and your website’s performance, including features like Enhanced Ecommerce. Google Tag Manager, on the other hand, simplifies the process of installing, debugging, and updating data components, eliminating the need for involvement from traditional development teams. This allows us to typically diagnose and solve any Google Analytics issue within an hour.

Quality Analytics goes a step further, helping businesses maximize the potential of the entire Google suite. Ready to see how we can help your business? Schedule a free 30-minute demo today!

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