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Advantages of Advanced QA TV Attribution

Maximize TV campaign ROI and reduce wasted ad spend.

Optimizing your campaign for Station or Creative is effortless with ad spot level data. Every ad is assessed individually, providing visual proof of accuracy for each. Enhance your offline campaigns' efficiency like never before.

Measure actual user web actions, not estimated TV impressions.

Our solution integrates seamlessly with your existing Google Analytics account with read-only access. No pixel setup is required, and we can leverage all your historical data.

Extremely Fast: shorten the time frame from insight to action.

The QA system is ultra fast, allowing you to attribute incremental web KPIs back to individual TV and Radio ads. See results next-day post airing or for an entire year quickly.

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Unique TV Attribution Features

Local Attribution

Local Attribution

We specialize in US Local Attribution, enabling advertisers to measure the true performance of their TV advertising campaigns down to the DMA and station levels. Our system enables you to know which creative, network, daypart, and program are driving the most conversions.

No cookies or code to install

Easy Google Analytics Integration

Effortless integration with Google Analytics (GA4 included) for seamless TV attribution. We offer custom data ingestion without using third-party cookies or collecting PII.

Spot Level Tracking

Spot-Level Tracking

Track the performance of every ad spot with our TV attribution solution, allowing you to identify which spots are driving the most conversions and optimize your ad spend accordingly.

Retroactive Analysis

Over 17 Years of Analytics Expertise

Our seasoned data scientists can identify anomalies and ensure high-quality results for your TV attribution needs.

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Notable TV Attribution Clients

Testimonial: Valid TV Attribution Results

Testimonial: Valid TV Attribution Results

What to look for in a TV attribution provider?

What to look for in a TV attribution provider?

Testimonial: What makes Quality Analytics unique in TV Attribution?

Quality Analytics is committed to delivering high-quality and accurate TV attribution results to help our clients maximize their ROI and reduce wasted ad spend. Our TV attribution solution offers several essential features that set us apart from the competition:

  • Quick setup with no pixel required. No cookies used.
  • Unmatched attribution processing speed
  • Over 17 years of analytics expertise
  • Visual proof of accuracy
  • Local level attribution
  • Comprehensive Radio Attribution
  • Affordable pricing.

But what our clients find most useful are the quality of the actual results, the turnaround time, and the overall usefulness of the data that we're able to return to our clients to make really large decisions that make them more profitable.

If you're interested in learning more about our TV attribution solution, schedule a demo with us today!

TV Attribution Pricing

All prices are per advertiser and per month.

Generous discounts given for multiple licenses and annual contracts.


  • National TV Attribution
  • National Radio Attribution

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  • Weekly postlog transformation service.
  • Custom data ingestion.

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  • Local DMA TV Attribution
  • Media budgets over $300k/mo.
  • One time setup fee

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Included In All Accounts

  • Software:
    • Near-Realtime Attribution
    • Integrate with Google Analytics
    • Unlimited Website Traffic
    • Unlimited Use
    • Unlimited Users
    • Platform Training
  • Reporting:
    • Timestamp Level Attribution
    • Optimize Client ROI
    • All-inclusive Pivot Table
    • Reporting Summaries
    • Eliminate Wasted Spend
  • Data Logistics:
    • Online Upload Interface
    • Online Download or API Available
    • Automated FTP Post-log Ingestion
    • Google Analytics Integration
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Comprehensive TV Attribution Solutions

Quality Analytics (QA) offers a wide range of TV attribution solutions that are adaptable to any publishing format. With over 17 years of experience, QA is the ideal independent choice for TV and radio attribution measurements.

DRTV Attribution

If you have a new brand or lower media budget, Quality Analytics has short campaign attribution solutions to help you with your experimental media schedule.

Local Radio Attribution

Our DMA by DMA measurement ensures precise attribution at the local radio station level. With QA's local radio attribution, you can easily evaluate your advertising campaigns and optimize them for better results.

Sirius XM Radio Attribution

QA's attribution solution for Sirius XM radio provides national scale efficiency and strong attribution measurements for buyers who subscribe to a paid premium service.

National Broadcast TV Attribution

If you're looking for the biggest scale possible for your brand, QA's national broadcast television attribution is the right choice for you. With our attribution solutions, you can measure the impact of your national broadcast TV campaigns with ease.

Local Broadcast TV Attribution

QA's local broadcast television attribution solutions are perfect for localized brands or testing TV as a medium. Our solutions can help you measure the impact of your local TV campaigns and optimize them for better results.

Worldwide TV Attribution

Quality Analytics' worldwide TV attribution solutions make it possible to measure any TV or radio ad in the world, as long as the website has Google Analytics. Our worldwide TV attribution solutions provide accurate attribution measurements across the globe.