Cross-Channel Attribution for Offline Media Campaigns

Measure actions not audiences

Ratings estimates are not meaningful enough to predict advertising outcomes. Marketers need a smarter way to buy offline media such as TV Broadcast, Cable, Satellite TV.

Algorithmic TV Attribution is the best method of measuring offline advertising effectiveness. We support attribution at the national and local level simultaneously and one of the only companies to also measure local Radio.

Understanding customer actions like website visits or E-commerce transactions are the key to measuring your TV and Radio ROI.

Read below for case studies, frequently asked questions or sign up for a free trial using your existing Google Analytics account.

TV Attribution - Overview Tablet with Ad Spot Analysis

Unique QA Benefits

TV Attribution - Local & National Attribution

Local & National Attribution

Our attribution model allows you to combine all of your offline airings for extra transparency.

TV Attribution - Visual Proof of Accuracy

Visual Proof of Accuracy

Visualize the impact of every ad to ensure accuracy using our intuitive dashboard.

TV Attribution - No Coding Required

No Coding Required

Integrate directly with your Google Analytics account.

TV Attribution - Historical Attribution

Historical Attribution

Retroactively attribute past campaigns to intelligently plan future media schedules.

TV Attribution - Privacy First Cookie


Be ready for the cookie-less future using Google's first party cookie. No information is stored by QA about each user.

Lightning Fast


Typical results ready in 5 minutes.

Flat pricing

QA Professional

billed annually
or $1,600 USD monthly.

Spot Level Attribution:

  • Real-time attribution
  • TV & Radio Campaigns Combined
  • National & Local Ads Combined
  • Unlimited Retrospective Results
  • Multiple KPIs
  • Unlimited Website Traffic


  • Timestamp level attribution
  • Optimize client ROI
  • All-inclusive Pivot Table
  • Reporting Summaries
  • Eliminate wasted spend

Ease of Use:

  • Google Sign-in
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
  • Unlimited use
  • Unlimited Users
  • Manage multiple advertisers
  • Platform Training

Data Logistics:

  • Online Upload Interface
  • Online Download or API availalble
  • Automated FTP post-log ingestion
  • Google Analytics Integration


  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Onboarding support
  • End client meetings
  • Help with post-log transformations

Common Myths Debunked

TV Attribution case studies

Local Media

Quality Analytics allowed Media Manager to attribute sales to local radio campaigns by measuring only the lift in each market.
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TV Attribution - Video Testimonial 1 Accuracy -
The accuracy level of Quality Analytics far exceeds any of the competitors that we've worked with.
TV Attribution - Video Testimonial 2  Accuracy 2 -
The business decisions based on that insight were correct.
Video Testimonial 3 What makes a good tv attribution partner? -
Quality Analytics instilled the confidence in our clients to increase budgets and push us further.

How to use the platform

1. Google Sign Up

Forget about website tagging, at Quality Analytics we have designed the easiest onboarding method possible: Google Sign In. Now, you can get a 7-day trial of our software by only using the gmail address associated with your existing Google Analytics account. Never ask your IT for help again!.

TV Attribution - Step 1
TV Attribution - Step 2

2. Upload Post logs

Upload your media schedule, "post log", directly to our interface and once the attribution is finished you will be notified by email.

2. Upload Post logs

Upload your media schedule, "post log", directly to our interface and once the attribution is finished you will be notified by email.

TV Attribution - Step 2

3. Analyze results and adjust media campaigns

Understand and analyze your cost per acquisition at the station, creative, programming, daypart or spot level so that you can craft sophisticated future media plans. We provide visual proof of results at the ad timestamp level for assured accuracy.

TV Attribution - Step 3