Discover the True Impact of Your Advertising Spend with Accurate TV Attribution

Quality Analytics is a comprehensive tv attribution company and radio attribution company combined. We offer an easy solution that uses Google Analytics data and the ultra-fast Google Cloud.

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Benefits of QA TV Attribution

Increase TV campaign ROI and eliminate wasted ad spend.

Optimizing your campaign for Station or Creative is easy when you have ad spot level data. Each ad is measured on it's own merits and we provide visual proof of accuracy for each. Grow your offline campaigns to unthinkable efficiency.

Measure real user web actions, not estimated TV impressions or TV ratings.

QA integrates seamlessly with your existing Google Analytics account with read-only access. There is no pixel to set up and we can leverage all of your historical data.

Measure both TV and Radio, at both the National and local DMA level.

For both TV and Radio, QA sources only the DMA specific data per each ad (or national ad) so that the impact is geofenced for better accuracy.

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TV Attribution Solution Key Features

No pixel required. No cookies.

Simple and fast integration with Google Analytics (GA4 included). Ask about custom data ingestion for tv attribution. We do not use 3rd party cookies or collect PII.

Unparalleled Attribution Processing Speed

The average processing time for a week of TV media is 6 minutes.

17 Years of Analytics Experience.

Our chief data scientists have the experience necessary to spot abnormalities and provide quality results.

Visual Proof of Accuracy

For every ad we can prove the measurement accuracy up to 95%.

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Comprehensive TV Attribution Options

QA has experience with most publishing formats and can adapt to new formats quickly. With over 17 (years) of experience QA is the best independent TV & Radio attribution measurement choice.

DRTV Campaigns

Short campaigns, lower media budgets, new brands, experimental media schedules.

Local Radio Attribution

DMA by DMA measurement at the local radio station level.

Sirius XM Radio Attribution

National scale efficiency. Stronger buyers whom subscribe to a paid premium service.

National Broadcast Television Attribution

The biggest scale possible for new and existing brands.

Local Broadcast Television Attribution

Local television for localized brands or testing TV as a medium.

Worldwide TV Attribution

Measure any TV or Radio ad in the world as long as the website has Google Analytics.

Notable TV Attribution Clients

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TV Attribution Pricing

All prices are per advertiser. Generous discounts given for multiple licenses and annual contracts.

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  • National TV Attribution
  • National Radio Attribution


  • Weekly postlog transformation service.
  • Custom data ingestion.


  • Local DMA TV Attribution
  • Media budgets over $300k/mo.
  • One time setup fee