Optimize your offline TV and Radio media just like digital campaigns.

Finally, you can have insight into the true CPC and return on ad spend (ROAS) for every single television and radio commercial just like your online campaigns.

No coding required.

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We measure actions not audiences.

At Quality Analytics, we believe that ratings estimates are not meaningful enough to predict advertising outcomes, especially when sourced from multiple reporting systems. Direct response (DRTV) marketers need a smarter way to buy and sell television and radio broadcast, cable, satellite ad spots - whether they be national or local - combined. Actions, like customer website visits or E-commerce transactions are a better metric on which to optimize.

Read below for case studies, frequently asked questions or sign up for a free trial using your existing Google Analytics account.

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Key Algorithm Features

Overview Tablet with Ad Spot Analysis

Visual Proof of Accuracy

Visualize the impact of every ad to ensure accuracy using our intuitive dashboard.

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No Coding Required Free Trial

Integrate directly with your Google Analytics account.

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Historical Attribution

Retroactively attribute past campaigns to intelligently plan future media schedules.

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Local & National Attribution

Our attribution model allows you to combine all of your offline airings for extra transparency.

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Attribution Case Studies

Proven success

Local Radio Case Study

Quality Analytics allowed Media Manager to attribute more accurate sales to local radio campaigns by measuring only the lift in each market.

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Video Testimonial 1 Accuracy - QualityAnalytics.io
The accuracy level of Quality Analytics far exceeds any of the competitors that we've worked with.
Video Testimonial 2  Accuracy 2 - QualityAnalytics.io
The business decisions based on that insight were correct.
Video Testimonial 3 What makes a good tv attribution partner? - QualityAnalytics.io
Quality Analytics instilled the confidence in our clients to increase budgets and push us further.

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Never ask your IT team for help.

One of the main challenges in offline media planning is manipulating data, typically campaign data. An attribution model for television and radio should not involve making this problem worse. By contrast, most web attribution models involve coding a website with a new "pixel" or javascript snippet.

Most websites have Google Analytics.

Most direct to consumer product website already have Google Analytics installed and it's metrics are being reported on. By using a system that people are familiar with we cohere with the rest of the data ecosystem, our attribution model ensures no over/under-counting.

Frequently Asked TV and Radio Attribution Questions

  • 1. Grant read-only Google Analytics access to your website. 2. Your "post-log" in any format during trial.

    A "post-log", sometimes referred to as a "pre-log", "media schedule", is typically a spreadsheet or Comma Separated Value (csv) file with rows indicating when and where a TV/Radio ad ran. Stations provide this information weekly to agencies as standard practice.

  • Yes.

    We encourage media buyers to submit post logs from as many TV/Radio airings as possible for a complete picture.

    These can include short-form, long-form, TV broadcast, Radio broadcast or sattelite.

  • No.

    We do not have minimum thresholds for spend, media or weeks on air.

    We can attribute as little as 1 media spot.

  • Google provides these excellent step by step instructions:


  • For the purposes of TV attribution, streaming video is yet another digital marketing channel.

    Almost all of our clients run paid digital ads alongside television broadcast media. In our modeling we account for every marketing channel that you are already tracking in Google Analytics.

    Because Direct Mailers do not impact websites minute to minute, they also are balanced in the modeling.

  • We can prove that the vast majority (90%+) of a broadcast airings' effect happens within seconds and minutes of it airing.

    For campaign optimization purposes the long term drag of media does not change recommendations with or without an extra 5% within 7 days since all media is impacted relatively proportionately.

  • TV Attribution is the data science process of assigning, or "attributing", some of that usage data back to offline media schedules.

    The point is to generate a metric that represents the benefit of TV such that an ROI calculation can be made.

    Typically people behave similarly once on your website so the goal becomes lowering your "cost per benefit".

    Most clients like to measure their campaigns on a "cost per visitor" basis just like in digital marketing.

  • At QualityAnalytics.io we do NOT use time windows.

    We do not regress on the entire campaign.

    We do not base performance on spend.

    The result is a truly data driven result often discovering opportunities for growth.

  • Currently we measure data found in your Google Analytics account including in-app events and Enhanced Ecommerce transactions.

  • Yes, we offer a yearly pre-paid discount and others based on your needs and volume.

  • Google Analytics is the hub that connects the Google advertising world and all other sources of traffic with onsite performance, including Enhanced Ecommerce.

    Now with Google Tag Manager we can install/debug/upgrade any data components without requiring effort from traditional development teams.

    We can usually diagnose and prescribe any Google Analytics problem in under an hour.

    Quality Analytics helps companies make the most of the Google stack with a thoughtful concentration on Google Analytics.

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