TV & Radio Campaign Analytics

Quality Analytics is an analytics software as service platform used by advertising agencies to measure and optimize media schedules.

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Example TV Attribution Spike Analysis

Measure TV and Radio Lift to Web Sales.

  • Connect directly to your Google Analytics account.

  • Measure both TV and Radio, both National and at the local level.

  • Grow your offline campaigns to unthinkable efficiency.

  • Eliminate wasted ad spend by optimizing your campaign for ROI.
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The best TV Attribution reporting.

Optimize Real Actions

Measure lift to New Users, Visits, Transactions, or GA4 Goals.

Each ad measured on it's own merits.

For local ads, we measure from the corresponding geography.

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Full Offline Media Options

QA is one of the only tv companies to offer a full range of measurement options. Media buyers know that every method of delivery and publisher have their own standards. QA has experience with most publisher formats and can adapt to emerging formats. QA has developed the attribution models after almost a decade of R&D, making it the best independent TV & Radio attribution measurement choice.

DRTV Campaigns

Short campaigns, lower media budgets, new brands, experimental media schedules.

Local Radio

DMA by DMA measurement at the local radio station level.

Sirius XM National Radio

National scale efficiency. Stronger buyers whom subscribe to a paid premium service.

National Broadcast Television

The biggest scale possible for new and existing brands. Simplified creative and placements. Higher budgets.

Local Broadcast Television

Local television for localized brands or testing TV as a medium.

Worldwide Coverage

Measure any TV or Radio ad as long as the website has Google Analytics.

Notable TV & Radio Attribution Clients

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Flat Pricing

All prices are per month, and per advertiser. Generous discounts given for multiple licenses and annual contracts.

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  • TV and Radio
  • National or Local
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Full Service / Big Campaigns


  • Large websites or big campaigns.
  • Full service postlog support.
  • Custom data ingestion.
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