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Common Questions About TV Attribution

TV Attribution is the process of attributing some usage data back to offline media schedules. Its goal is to calculate a metric that reflects the benefit of television and generate a return on investment. Cost-per-visitor analysis is typically used by clients, just like in digital marketing, to measure their campaigns' success. The objective then becomes reducing cost-per-benefit for users who tend to behave similarly once they are on your website.

Quality Analytics TV Attribution measures Google Analytics data including events within applications and Enhanced Ecommerce transactions. We strongly suggest media buyers submit post logs from every airings' of their TV/Radio broadcasts - short-form, long form broadcast on both TV/Radio as well as sattelite - in order for a more comprehensive view of their performances success.

Yes, we strongly suggest that media buyers submit post logs for every TV or Radio airing for a more comprehensive view. This includes short-form, long-form, broadcast on television and radio as well as sattelite.

Our data proves that the majority of a broadcast's impact occurs within seconds and minutes of its airing. In terms of campaign optimization, it is not necessary to consider the longer-term drag effect of media as all types are impacted relatively similarly; even an extra 5% lifts over 7 days does not change our recommendations.

At Quality Analytics we do not use time windows or regress on any entire campaigns nor base performance off spend in order achieve our truly data driven results that often uncovers previously undiscovered opportunities for growth and increased successes overall. This ensures that the accuracy of TV Attribution is maintained throughout the whole process.

Quality Analytics TV Attribution measures Google Analytics data at the minute, geography, marketing channel and device type level. We use this data to create a sophisticated forecast of "what should have happened". When we observe statistical variations above this forecast, that becomes the universe of potential KPIs that we can assign to individual TV or Radio ads.

QA TV Attribution does not measure CTV or Radio podcasts at this time. They are considered digital marketing channels that are best tracked by Google Analytics

By default our TV and Radio Attribution software measures Google Analytics Sessions, New Users and 1 free floating KPI of your choice. This free KPI is most commonly Google Analytics Ecommerce transactions. Often the KPI is a Google Analytics Goal which can represent a lead in the sales funnel.

Quality Analytics is proud to offer Local TV attribution and Local Radio Attribution. We download data for every geography and analyze the impact of TV ads only within that geography.

Reporting is available on demand. Google Analytics data is available for TV attribution everyday at 5am PST (USA).

We offer complimentary training on the use of our TV attribution software and basic data analysis of the results.

Quality Analytics offers flat rate pricing up to 500,000 in media spend. We offer three basic products: TV attribution software, Service for working with your Excel logs and Custom for anything custom.

For new and existing customers, we are happy to help with basic Google Analytics tagging.

Google Analytics data for TV attribution is available at 5am PST (USA) everyday.

Almost every TV attribution setup is custom in some way or another. During onboarding we will accomodate for any custom scenarios (i.e. errors in tagging, special marketing channels).

We offer standard customer service hours Monday through Friday 8am - 7pm EST. Please contact your customer service representative at any time.

Typically a week of ads can range from 50 to 5000 ads. There is no limitation on the number of ads that we can process. The drawback is increased time. For reference, an entire year of ads may take up to a full day of processing.

We offer a TV attribution API but it is recommended only after 3-6 months of standard use. In the first months of use there are usually many questions about formatting timestamps, timezones, DMA names. To avoid extending the learning curve, we recommend that users use the API after succesfully using the interface.

No, Quality Analytics TV attribution does not use, infer or report on demographic data. In general we attribute the response of web activity regardless of the cause.

QA TV attribution is one of the only companies in the world to offer visual proof of accuracy for every ad.

QA TV attribution does not offer media planning services but we are happy to collaboratively review campaign performance during training.

We offer the lowest level of TV attribution data: per spot. We offer reporting at logical dimensions: Station, Creative, Day, Hour, Daypart, Week, Month, DMA, etc.

External factors like digital marketing are accounted for in our modeling. These channels are evenly distributed in time such that TV and Radio ads stand out statistically at the minute and geography level. Other TV and Radio ads due influence measurement; we ask that all media is included in the uploaded postlogs for best accuracy.

The fastest TV attribution onboarding on record is same day. The things we need to get started are 1) read-only Google Analytics access and a postlogs in Excel or CSV.

Quality Analytics TV attribution does not require a minimum level of traffic or ad spend before measurement can begin. Many customers invest the minimum required by media buying to see what their return on investment from TV or Radio is. Once confidence is established and if the campaign is profitable, the advertiser is free to scale up spending.

We encourage advertisers to load all of their media. There is no extra cost for including Radio with TV or viceversa. We only need advance notice if there are new markets where we plan to run local radio or local televison ads.

Common Questions About Quality Analytics

Yes, we offer a yearly pre-paid discount and others based on your needs and volume.

We have over 17 years in cross channel marketing measurement. We have roughly 14 years of TV and Radio attribution experience.

Common Questions About Radio Attribution

Radio Attribution is the data science process whereby usage data is assigned to offline media schedules. This allows for the calculation of a metric that reflects the benefit of radio and enables the generation of a return on investment. As people tend to behave similarly once on your website, the aim is to decrease cost-per-benefit. Similarly to digital marketing, most clients measure their campaigns in terms of cost-per-visitor or cost-per-transaction.

Radio and television are both broadcast mediums as well as via satellite, though television offers additional mediums such as cable and live streaming platforms like Despite utilizing different media mediums, both use the same source of response data: Google Analytics. In terms of performance, radio campaigns tend to be relatively stable or increase over time while television campaigns typically produce an initial spike before gradually dropping off. Despite their differences in performance dynamics, both are able to get the majority of their impact within seconds and minutes of airing, thus making attribution possible for both broadcasts.

Yes. For tv attribution or radio attribution to be successful we need Timezone, Timestamp and Market data.

Both are equally difficult and have their nuances. Radio is predominantly local in nature which makes it more of a challenge to measure.

Common Questions About Google Analytics and Digital Marketing

Google Analytics is the hub that connects the Google advertising world and all other sources of traffic with onsite performance, including Enhanced Ecommerce. With Google Tag Manager we can install/debug/upgrade any data components without requiring effort from traditional development teams. We can usually diagnose and prescribe any Google Analytics problem in under an hour. Quality Analytics helps companies make the most of the Google stack.