TV Attribution Setup

Discovery Call

The first step in our relationship is an initial call with a member of our team. We'll spend this time getting to know you, answering any tv attribution questions you might have, and discussing the best way to go about getting started.

  • Schedule demo with Calendly.
  • QA walks through the tv attribution platform and answers any questions.
  • Agency discusses internally and gives approval for the next step.

During the Kick Off Call, we'll work with you to:

  • Understand your business and its goals
  • Develop a tailored tv attribution plan that aligns with your business objectives
  • Discuss the specifics of the data we'll need to collect and analyze

QA Team Setup

To get started with tv attribution we will need read-only Google Analytics access granted to:

  • Ask client to share read-only access to Google Analytics.
  • Deliver first postlog to QA.
  • QA creates account for the first time. (1-3 days).

Custom GA Review

Our team will go through the process of setting up custom QA configurations to ensure the highest level of accuracy and efficiency for your tv attribution reporting.

We will work to identify your unique business needs and set up custom rules and filters for your Google Analytics account. Our team will also provide guidance on best practices for setting up and managing your account to optimize your tv attribution results.

Learn more about TV attribution and how it works, or browse our FAQs for answers to common questions.

First Set of Results / Credentials Release

Once we have your account set up and connected to Google Analytics, we'll deliver your first set of results, provide platform credentials and set up a quarterly check-in meeting to review progress.