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Mission Statement

At Quality Analytics we enable advertising agencies to deliver their best work, every time. Quality Analytics gives you the data driven advantage to beat the competition. Only a small percentage of advertisers are leveraging spot-level TV analytics (or Radio analytics) to efficiently maximize their media spending. Our purpose at Quality Analytics is to deliver the most accurate and timely media reporting so that you can take your campaigns to the next level. QA is the best TV attribution company for eliminating waste and doubling down on opportunities.

Origin Story: Our Founder

Passionate about advertising analytics, Jorge has been working in the marketing attribution field for over 15 years. At UCLA (2006), Jorge studied economics and learned how to apply mathematical modeling to real-world problems. Jorge’s experience includes leadership roles in product analytics, web analytics, digital marketing analytics, ab testing, pricing optimization, multi-touch attribution and customer journey modeling. He has worked with companies across a variety of industries including consumer packaged goods, technology, gaming, dating, new vehicle purchases, cruises, entertainment and offline media. In 2013, Jorge began a private practice which today is Quality Analytics. He has helped many companies solve their most critical marketing problems related to attribution modeling while improving their understanding of customer behavior. Jorge has a passion for building data driven organizations and believes in the importance of having a strong analytics culture within an organization.

Quality Analytics

Quality Analytics is a software as service startup based in Los Angeles, California. Our clients are advertising agencies, brands and publishers all over the world. We help our clients improve their campaigns by providing them with critical insights on how to make their TV and Radio campaigns more effective. Our goal is to help our clients get more bang for their buck by making the most of their advertising spend. QA is the best Radio Attribution company for analyzing local market performance (DMA, State, Zip Code).

Our Ambition

Quality Analytics is making quick strides to be the first AI driven TV and Radio Attribution platform in the world. By combining traditional media with cutting edge techniques we hope to help more advertisers spend their broadcast dollars wisely.

By 2023 or when GA4 is officially rolls out, Quality Analytics will offer multi-touch omni-channel attribution to select clients based on Google's DDA algorithm.