Our Attribution Philosophy in 2 minutes

tv attribution philosophy

Quality Analytics (QA) isn’t just a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) company. We provide supplementary managed services and internet consulting, specializing in the often-neglected world of TV and Radio Attribution. We’re on a mission to transform advertising through data, particularly leveraging the power of Google Analytics and bridging the gap in TV marketing measurement. QA’s attribution philosophy centers on delivering a complete picture of campaign effectiveness across all channels.

Our Journey in Digital and TV Analytics

Our expertise stretches back to 2006, built on industry-leading tools like Omniture (now Adobe Analytics) and Urchin (now Google Analytics). These platforms empowered website owners to understand their traffic sources, user behavior, and conversion metrics – crucial for optimizing KPIs like sales or new visitors. This deep understanding underpins our TV Analytics approach, where we analyze the digital impact of TV advertising.

Understanding Google’s Pivotal Role and Our Approach to Attribution

Google’s unique position in search (organic and paid) and advertising marketplaces like Google Ads makes it a game-changer for session-level attribution. We leverage the power of Google Analytics to accurately attribute marketing efforts across channels, including Facebook Ads. While “Last Click” attribution is common, we go beyond, ensuring a deeper understanding of your marketing journey.

Debunking Common Misconceptions of Multi-touch Attribution

There’s a misconception that complex, regression-based models are essential for effective attribution. However, our analysis shows that most websites experience less than two actionable marketing touchpoints (excluding direct and organic search) before a conversion. Real challenges lie in broken URL parameters, misclassified channels, and taxonomy issues. Our focus is on fixing these practical issues, not creating secondary performance metrics.

The Critical Role of TV Attribution

Marketers who integrate offline media need ways to measure its impact on website traffic. Traditional methods like custom 1-800 numbers and offer codes have become obsolete and clunky. Quality Analytics steps in with a cutting-edge software solution specifically designed for measuring TV and radio marketing. Our innovative approach ensures the most accurate and impactful insights, validating the ROI of your offline marketing spend.

Quality Analytics: Revolutionizing TV Attribution

We’re at the forefront of TV Attribution philosophy and analytics. Our suite of services empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions in both the digital and television advertising arenas. Therefore, learn more about how we can boost your TV ROI at Quality Analytics. Schedule a Demo with QA today.

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